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What Is Penal Code And How Does It Work In Singapore?

Singapore is one of the developing countries all around the world. Many say that it is one of the countries that is gradually developing because of the talent of the people and the proper management of the government. Therefore, the purpose of their government is to have a peaceful and equitable right of everyone, excluding life status. No one is rich, no one is poor in the eyes of the law, equal rights are achieved by the forbidden one, especially in their law. That is why the proper administration of the country’s Criminal Procedure Code is being implemented.

What exactly is the Criminal Procedure Code?

Singapore’s Criminal Procedure Code is following the country’s constitution. A fair trial of the accused is carried out by complying with the stated penal code singapore. What is the Penal Code and what does it state? It focuses more on the law that relates to criminal offenses. Anyone who committed a crime is subject to punishment according to the Criminal Procedure Code in Singapore. A person or accused should take the following:

  • Penalties
  • Procedure
  • Elements

All these would tackle the crime committed, with a criminal defense lawyer. For example, if you have committed an offense, yet not proven guilty, you have the right to defend yourself. You will never put in jail and subject to imprisonment. No one has the right to arrest and sentence you for the punishment if not proven guilty. As an abiding citizen, you need to know that any serious offense, such as theft, mischief, and cheating are offenses that fall under the criminal or penal code in the said country. Other major offenses committed under the Penal Code are the Vandalism Act and Misuse of Drugs. Recently, the penal code in Singapore has several changes. It includes adding new offenses, outdated offenses were eliminated, and punishment provisions have been updated as well. All the changes made reflect on the current situation of society today.

criminal lawyer Singapore

Equality in Singapore

In this generation, offenses are growing in the community. More and more people are doing these wrongdoings, which trying to tease the law. There are various offenses that the Supreme Court of Singapore has been facing now, it includes the following:

  • Sexual offenses
  • Cheating
  • Criminal force and assault
  • Extortion
  • Criminal trespass

Now, if you have committed one of these offenses, expect that you are subject to punishment if proven guilty.

Ask for legal advice

Most of the people are out of ideas about where and whom to ask for help. Some of them would rather wait for the call of court hearings or get arrested. Some would escape and afraid to get arrested. But, all these ideas are not advisable. It is better to face the problem with a legal advisor or a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer can advise and stand on your behalf to explain your side in front of the judge. Criminal defense lawyers are the professionals who know best about Penal Code and the right criminal procedure code in Singapore to help you.