Enjoy the divine taste of Moonshine


While some people are interested in trying something new, others like a fine wine’s more relaxing and delicate flavour. As most wine connoisseurs are aware, the flavour of wine may vary depending on where the grapes are grown. As with many things in America, Moonshine has its roots in the main grain-producing states and formerly deemed “frontier” areas. These include places like early Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Tennessee, and other states in today’s the Southern United States. Because Moonshine was so easy to manufacture using leftover grains, farmers would often brew moonshine whiskey with their leftover grains after a harvest to ensure that nothing went to waste and that nothing went to waste.

Each of our tastes is unique to us and our region of the globe. You will get the opportunity to view inside the wine cellar, sample some of the superb quality wines produced on-site, and do moonshine tasting. The Moonshine is the main attraction on this excursion. Wine is for the people who prefer to drink their wine with their pinkies out.

Get into the history to unlock its taste treat

Moonshine is a powerful, unaged whiskey with a fascinating history that has recently received a new lease of life due to its increasing popularity in some regions of the globe, including the United States.In contrast to certain other alcoholic drinks, Moonshine has a straightforward formula that almost anybody can manufacture. This aspect alone makes it exceedingly simple for anybody to produce their Moonshine in their home. Unfortunately, this approach is prohibited in most jurisdictions — and it is not as straightforward as it seems, despite the shortlist of items used in this recipe. Perfecting the procedure requires a steady hand and much practice. When making Moonshine, you’ll need a combination of the following ingredients:Water, Cornmeal Sugar Yeast, Cornmeal, Sugar, Yeast and Water.

According to our research, Tennessee Shine Business is the top distilling company in Pigeon Forge, where you can try Moonshine. The tastes are one-of-a-kind, with names like Blue Houdini, Choco Moo Shine, Dream Cream, and many more. Tennessee Shine Company also offers a variety of whiskeys in various tastes. You are welcome to pop by at any time to sample their Moonshine!


It is unnecessary for those who wish to experience true Moonshine to brew it themselves at home in their bathtubs (yes, the drink was made this way at a few points in history). Everyone interested in learning about the history of the area and sampling authentic moonshine-based cocktails is in luck! Moonshine cruises are gradually becoming a major tourist attraction.