Know more about the World’s Wealth Tech Company

            When it comes to financing, everyone has one goal to be financially well-off. Yet, getting to a space of financial comfort is a long journey. It may take perseverance, patience, a lot of discipline, and wise investments. You may also need the help of financial advisors who can help you plan strategies. To achieve your financial goals. It takes skill to make investments and create wealth. This is where a wealth management advisor can step in.

What is Wealth Management Advisor? 

            A wealth management advisor is a type of financial advisor. Who takes a wide view of available services and financial disciplines. Such as financial and investment advice, estate planning, or legal. Accounting and tax services, retirement planning, and managing a client’s wealth.

A wealth management advisor will work with you to get a complete picture of your liabilities. Assets, income, and also expenses. They analyze financial information acquired from clients. To identify strategies for meeting the client’s financial objectives. They manage complex financial issues and financial experts on behalf of clients.

The leading financial institution around the world is the Bambu.

What is Bambu?

            Bambu is powered by a team of dedicated A. I research team and talented engineers. That is rethinking how digital wealth management should be made with cutting-edge APIs. Bambu is a Fintech company that progress technology for financial institutions. Their platform helps end-users invest and save for their future. That is why they assist people in small ways. To help people manage their money and spending every day.

Making an Impact in the Industry 

            Bambu’s modular services merge to make solutions for Private and Retail Banks. Asset Managers, Insurance Agencies, Digital Banking, Digital Disruptors, Advisors, and Brokers.


Deploy a custom white-label digital wealth solution. For your customers and/ or agents in any market.

Lack of fragmented and know-how legacy systems. Hold Banks back in their digital transformation journey. Although customers are demanding to be engaged via digital channels. With Bambu, Banks can establish a customized white-labeled solution that:

  • Permits their Relationship Managers with goal-based Financial Planning tools and assisted onboarding.
  • Provides a self-service Robo-advisor for retail clients. Either integrated or standalone into their existing platforms.
  • Leverages intelligent Bambu APIs to build Digital Wealth into their Digital Bank Suite.

Insurance Agencies

Empowers advisors with self-service digital wealth solutions that digitize Financial Planning. Insurance companies lack the resources and knowledge to digitalize fast enough. With Bambu, Insurance companies can deploy a customized white-labeled digital wealth solution that:

  • Empowers Advisors with goal-based Financial Planning tools. As included in their client’s Financial Needs Analysis.
  • Provides an online self-service digital wealth solution to retail clients.

Intelligent Advisor helps you make better-investing decisions by giving actionable insights. From automated scoring algorithm. A smart financial dashboard with intuitive features such as:

  • Automated Security Scoring- Scores are changed daily. To reflect market developments. Blends factors covering momentum, value, and quality. Technical indicators to score and rank stocks.
  • Sentiment- Get social media commentary analysis to know the impact on the stock. Distill the newest market sentiment extracted from the news.
  • Personalize the Platform- Customize your dashboard to check the economic indicators. And set the appropriate indicators for technical analysis.