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On this page, you will find the custom corporate design service sg and agencies, on the other hand, focus specifically on advertising-based designs, whether digital, commercial advertising on tv, print advertising, and so on. Then, knowing the differences among different design services will make it easier for you to choose the right service.

Design a foreign design calendar on the site and print it at home. There are different backgrounds. You can add images and/or text to any calendar. You can mark important dates or add notes on the side before printing.

The calendaring software

When you open the calendaring software you can choose between a regional and a foreign calendar. If you want a calendar including holidays then you must choose a work desk calendar.

Step 1– Select the desired background. There are 101 different backgrounds!
Step 2 – select the desired month. You can choose a calendar (according to the Gregorian month) or a local calendar (according to the local month). You can reduce the size of the month or move it to another place on the page. You can also change the color of the month to match the background. To change color, click the month, then click the black rectangle.
Step 3– you can mark important dates with an icon and add text to mark the date.
Step 4– A custom calendar with a picture (at the bottom of the page) or without a picture but with different backgrounds to choose from. You can add text or a personal image. For example, if you want the title to be the regional date, then you can write the month there.
Step 5 – download to your computer and then print. To download, click on the cloud icon, then open the file and print it.