Weed Grinders

The Best and Beneficial High End Weed Grinders for Vaporization

With the cannabis industry soaring, many people are trying their best to enjoy the benefits of cannabis but sometimes struggle in the use process. One of these is dry herbs and vaporizing it. With that out of the way, having a grinder with a mechanism that works in tandem with your vaporizer can make all the difference in your experience. Using a quality grinder is important for grinding up enough marijuana without leaving too much plant matter on it for combustion and there is no better time to invest than now when you are considering purchasing a high end weed grinder.

​Features to look out for

Weed Grinders

  1. Speed control: Many often times dry herbs just can’t be blasted as fast as you would like. Fast grinding speeds will leave you with less plant matter for combustion and more for vaporizing.
  2. Grind adjustment: It’s important that your grind size is set to the size you prefer and not too much bigger or smaller than that. Many grinders allow you to adjust so that it doesn’t go too far out of the range of what your preferences are for the chosen dosage of weed.
  3. Thumb activated switch: Most high end weed grinders have a switch that is operated by the thumb or finger for switching between grind settings. This makes it so that you don’t have to keep the lid open to twist the knob.
  4. Lid design: A good lid design with a secure fit on the top will help prevent accidental scattering of weed and minimize messes when grinding. A good design also means that you can store your herb without having it getting all over your table when you’re not using it.
  5. Liner: Many grinders offer extra protection on the outside of the grinder inside that helps to grind your weed and keep it from chipping or breaking loose.

​Grinding vs. Crushing

Grinds are definitely important but depending on which side you’re on can make a difference in the experience. Grinds are highly recommended for those using a vaporizer for their daily dose of herb and want to ensure that it gets fully shredded and without unnecessary plant matter that would combust. Crushed herbs, on the other hand, are great if you are looking to get that woody taste from smoking, live resin release, or need a large amount of herb for making hash or cannabis oil.