Family court singapore maintenance

What is a family court?

Family courts deal with disputes which arise in family matters like divorce and getting the custody of child. The main goal of family courts would be to settle the legal problems of families. Families consists of grandparents, parents and children.Some people prefer to stay in joint families where all cousins and all brothers and sisters stay together along with their kids and wives. However now a days joint families have become less.People all over the world are prefer to stay as a nuclear family where only the parents and kids are stay together and form the family.Now a days in few countries once the kids become big like once they become more than 18 years they would leave the house and start staying independently.Family courts come in to picture where there are disputes in the family and when the issues which are in the family cannot be settled by the family members.

They would look for a third party to be involved who can legally help them out deal with the issue.Family courts assist the family in handling the disputes and they help the families in dealing with the issues.One of the major problem in most of the families or in couples life is disputes in between the couple.People get married with an intention to stay together throughout their lives. However the more couples stay together with each other there are possibilities that they may not like each other’s company and some couples may not like each other’shabits.It common that there would be misunderstanding between couples which leads to fights, quarrels and arguments.Some fights are resolved and couples compromise and patch up with each other.Some fights and disputes cannot be resolved.

Family court singapore maintenance

There are situations where couples end up fighting with each other and they would not be able to stand each other’s presences.Hence they would decide to get separated and would opt for divorce.Divorce is a legal process of terminating a marriage. It dissolves the bond of marriage between couple.When it comes to divorce there are couple of important points which would arise during this process. Firstly if the couple have children then who will get the custody of the kids.Secondly is there any alimony which has to be paid to the spouse.It is also called as maintenance in few countries. Family court Singapore maintenance is very reputed. They provide good services to their clients.They ensure to listen to the problems of the couple and they assist them with the best solutions.There are experience and qualified people who handle the cases which ensures the clients that they would be getting the best advice from experts.Keeping in mind the financial conditions of their clients there are few service providers who offer different flexible schemes for the fee payments. 

Let’s see main reasons why couple go for divorce:

  • Lack of understanding and compatibility
  • Miscommunication or communication gap.
  • Lack of love between each other.
  • Extra matrimonial affair.
  • Financial crisis.


There are many service providers who assist couple in getting divorce or assist them in settling court cases. Couples should opt for experienced and professionals who can guide them accordingly.