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How to clean a pipe at a dispensary

If you own a dispensary, you may want to sell pipe to meet the requirements of recreational or medical marijuana enthusiasts. You can buy these pipes wholesale from a trusted supplier. However, there’s no guarantee when you can sell the pipe. Usually, people buy joints or paper rolls to enjoy California marijuana but they use the same pipe for a long time.

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So you need to make sure all the pipes are clean and clear before you can sell these. It’s important to be very careful with glass pipe lest you may break it. This article will outline a few tips to safely handle a glass pipe.

How to clean a glass pipe

  • The first step is to gently clean the pipe. Remove excess dust or debris with something very soft like a soft bristly toothbrush or cotton swab. Stay away from wrapping a soft cloth around your finger and clean directly with your hands. Glass pipes are very fragile and your finger can put excessive pressure on the pipe and break it. You can purchase a pipe cleaner for a more professional cleaning.
  • Don’t use any metal tools for cleaning a glass pipe. These may produce a scratch inside a pipe. Also, pay attention not to bang the pipe against a hard surface.
  • Use a handy debowler for removing debris. Use light pressure while cleaning it.
  • Make sure not to keep too many glass pipes together while cleaning it. These may hit each other and break.
  • When you are done with cleaning the baseline, fill a metal baking pot or a glass bowl with 90% isopropyl. It is also known as rubbing alcohol and perfectly cleans a glass. Add one tablespoon of salt to it. You better use large grain kosher salt. These work better in cleaning glass items. Place the pipe into the bowl.

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  • Don’t put a dusty and dirty pipe directly into the solution. The water will make it moist and retain dust. You need to first wipe all the dust with a dry cotton swab or pipe cleaner. Then soak it in the solution.
  • When the pipe is completely submerged, keep it there for some time. Gradually you will notice that the cocktail mixture is dissolving the resin.
  • You can also use hot water and soap mixture if you want to avoid chemicals or reduce your expense.

Follow these tips and you will get a clean glass pipe in no time.