Why do people become florist?

There are many professions available for people to opt for. Some people choose their career for making good money and some people choose their profession in which they have their passion.Some people have keen interest in nature and flowers. There are different types of flowers and plants. People would become a florist as they have the interest in flowers.Some of them have the talent of arranging flowers in a beautiful order. Arranging flowers and making a bouquet is an art. People would like flowers as they are tender and colorful. Flowers are liked by all age group people. Flowers are given as gift or a token of thanks.Flowers can be gifted for various occasion. For different occasions there are different flowers which can be given. Like for valentines day people prefer to give red roses. Some people enjoy being into a profession which makes them happy.Florist job is to arrange flowers in an order.The role of the florist is to also make customized bouquets as per the customer’s choice.Some people give bouquets to express their love hence would prefer to have only red roses in the bouquets.Hence a florist should have the knowledge of flowers and also should be good in making combinations of flowers and other accessories.There are different types of flowers like Roses,Lilys, Carnation ,Tulips and Orchids.

Why do people like Tulips:

Tulips are the most beautiful graceful flowers and have many different spices. They look bright and colorful. It requires warm temperature and coldness of 2 to 9 degrees Celsius and temperate climate. They require sandy loam soil to grow. The flowers have long stem and have big petals. They are usually recognized by their head or star shaped flowers which have 6 petals. These flowers are symbol of true love and fame. Seeing these flowers in the garden is a treat to the eyes as they are very colorful and they are arranged in a row. The feel of seeing these flowers in a garden is a wonderful experience. Its very hard to describe the feeling. These flowers first they bloom with the flower in the shape of cup. There are huge varieties of these flowers and for many reasons they are in different categories according to the nature of the flower. These look simply awesome and are very bright. People use these flowers mostly for decoration.These flowers are also useful fir table decoration in wedding or in celebrations. Some people also prefer to give these flowers as gift and some people give gift as an expression of love.These flowers are edible and are also a very good substitute of onions. Their bright colors are flowers when are used in salads.