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Ordering Personalized ang bao malaysia

It is a tradition, during the Chinese new year in Malaysia to present and bao. It is a traditional customary practice to share the red packets containing money with children, teenagers, and unmarried adults by married couples. These packets are often decorated with auspicious and beautiful drawings and letters or words of encouragement and wishes. They often bear the images of the Chinese zodiac animals for the relevant year which signifies the luck and wishes from the zodiac animal for the receivers of the money. The colour of the ang bao malaysia packet also signifies good fortune and protection along with prosperity for the bearer.

Colour of the packet

The colour of the packet should be carefully chosen as it cannot be white. The colour of the envelope should always be red or any other auspicious colour, associated with the Chinese zodiac. Since white is associated with funerals and endings, therefore, it should be avoided at all costs. Even the amount of money shared holds great importance and many people avoid using odd numbers or ending in four or seven, as these numbers are associated with a bad omen. The amount of money ending with the digit eight is often considered better and more popular than with nine.


These packets can be purchased from shops or even online websites. They can also be customized according to your choice, by websites and firms such as MIS (ASIA) LIMITED, which create beautiful and colourful packages for distributing your wishes and grants.